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Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The big fight of 2016

"U.S. Business and Industry Council rejects the Trans-Pacific Partnerships Deal Washington, October 5 - The members of the U.S. Business and Industry Council (USBIC) categorically reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal announced this morning as…"
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The big fight of 2016
"As an advocate for workers dignity, local and value added economies and the real free enterprise system, online since 1998, I now have thousands of articles mixed with my thought provoking art that talks ( http://art-that-talks.filetap.com…"
Ray Tapajna replied to Jeff Dover's discussion Obama Puts Putin In Charge
"It is good to see how many here are right about the Middle East situation. The U.S. took over the war against Afghanistan after Russia quit. History tells us to stay out of the Middle East. A 1950s Military geopolitical overview of  the region…"
Oct 1
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion A message for Trump bashers
"Free trade economics caused the degradation and deflation of the value of workers and this by itself represents trillions of dollars lost forever. The trade deficit which has broken records since 1994 also represents by itself trillions of even more…"
Sep 29
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Is someone stopping the Establishment plan?
"I just put this on the Quora which asks why did Boehner resign. It provides some background information where we should look for a new Speaker of the House but I doubt if it there are any listening ears.....  In the first place, many feel the…"
Sep 28
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion A message for Trump bashers
"If you want the real story about Bill Gates and IBM see http://tapsearch.com/flatworld ;"
Sep 26
Ray Tapajna commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post Is Marco Rubio the Most Electable Republican?
"Frank Chance Chenoweth, President Obama was just the next in line after Bush 2, Clinton and Bush 1. as the next man up for the Globalist Free Traders.  Free trade economics as a whole failed. It also failed early on when President Clinton had…"
Sep 25
Ray Tapajna commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post Is Marco Rubio the Most Electable Republican?
"In his comment here, Richard Thorton says he will stay home if any of the "establishment" candidates become the Republican presidential candidate. He is right.  However, I will not stay at home.  I will most likely vote for…"
Sep 25
Ray Tapajna commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post Is Marco Rubio the Most Electable Republican?
"Marco Rubio  is a globalist free trader who lies about the benefits of free trade economics.  Free trade economics is what brought us to the edge of the cliff of disaster with millions losing their jobs and businesses.  Pope Francis…"
Sep 25
Ray Tapajna replied to Lance Thate's discussion Trump Holding His Lead Latest Post Debate Poll Shows
"About Carly Fiorina-  Let all know..... When people find out HP funneled their products to Iran through a third party to capture the printer market in Iran, when Carly Fiorina headed the company, her poll numbers will change. HP did it this…"
Sep 23
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Why Donald Trump is important for Conservatives, even those who don’t support him.
"Andrea, Thanks for you article.  Here is  my response about the Trump / Muslim  question to my First of all, Trump is the first presidential candidate I ever saw who has an open free forum for all to ask questions. The media knows…"
Sep 21
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Why Donald Trump is important for Conservatives, even those who don’t support him.
"Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical suggested that all decisions should be made at the lowest possible level .  http://tapsearch.com/pope-benedict-economic-encyclical   "
Sep 20
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Why Donald Trump is important for Conservatives, even those who don’t support him.
"Good post Tony.  We have ignored looking into the causes and the effects of most issues. Now we cycle  the issues to terms in office rather than trace back to the core cause behind a mess.  Our leaders should know when you centralize…"
Sep 20
Ray Tapajna commented on Dan Short's blog post As America today is going to Hell in a handbasket, could we change our course by understanding what we – this nation – really are?
"The economic day has been hacked by the globalist free traders - Nothing good will happen until we resolve this major issue  of our times. We  have been frozen in time since 1994.  It like the movie Ground Hog Day. We have to keep…"
Sep 19
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion More debate takeaways
"" The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Fiorina's statement that 'there is no job that is America's God-given right anymore'  Fiorina Suggests Her Biggest Mistake Was Not Firing More People More…"
Sep 18
Ray Tapajna replied to Judson Phillips's discussion More debate takeaways
"As I noted previously, there is an HP culture in the computer industry. It is about taking no prisoners. It is a place where workers are just commodities to be used for a time and then dumped.  Carly Fiorina has all the HP  traits.  A…"  .

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Ray's journals foretold the coming our economic crisis years ago based on several experts including Sir James Goldsmith who wrote THE TRAP and Manuel Castells who predicted the coming of the Bewildered New World as it is today. There were others like Chuck Harder, host of For the People who with Dr Pat Choate and well respected journalist J.D. Cash foretold the story in the early 1990s

The core of our economic crisis today can be traced to 1994 when President Clinton pushed the passage of the elder President Bush's free trade program which included NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. They were passed by a Democrat controlled Congress which joined hands with Republicans Rep Newt Gingrich and Senator Bob Dole. Commentators like Rush Limbaugh who had a very large following locked hands with President Clinton in promoting the passage of both NAFTA and GATT. GATT was passed in a Thanksgiving Day vacation lameduck session of Congress after the Contract with America Republicans won the election and were due to take over in January.
Soon after, President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. NAFTA had proved to be a completely failed program with millions of Mexican fleeing their country seeking economic survival in the USA.

This was a sign of things to come. It was the first stimulus package except it went to a foreign country. Later President Bush, the second, initiated his economic stimulus package. When this was being debated in Congress, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that the best way to stimulate the economy was to buy "domestically produced goods."

This obviously came too late and it is still ignored by many globalist free traders as the cause of our economic crisis. Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning out. President Obama followed and bailed out the big money interests who caused the crisis and put them back in charge.

The U.S. has suffered the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history. A working poor class and an underclass now reside in a silent depression and there is no base to support the needs of our society. Many who are still working are homeless or need government assistance to survive as the tax base gets smaller and smaller
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Explore The Latent Response Of Religion And Philosophy To The Global Economy  
  Religion and Philosophy remains dormant as globalist free traders continue their surge for making money on money instead of making things and using workers as tools in the process to achieve their objectives.
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Double Talk American Dream Reversed
The Sacrilege Walmart built in grave yard of the steel industry
The American Dream is burning by Ray Tapajna
The Cross of 911 Tangle of Terror asking who can untangle the terror that globalization and free trade have bred.
Locked Out Workers Bearing Their Cross

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