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Economic Diseases Are Highly Communicable


Free trade is not trade. It is an economic system that divides investments from production.  It then moves production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor and a maximum profit for investments.  Also it frees  up investments from its responsibility for workers' dignity and a just wages a workers has a right to for the fruits of their labor. It upsets the equilibrium of local economies to recycle themselves.  All money that is spent at the retail level quickly fans out to where the products are made. With free trade economics, the money does not stay in place to recycle the economy. There are about five to seven levels of added values from the raw products stage to the final retail or end user stage. If any of these stages are missing, money is lost .  


Free trade has failed as confirmed by Pres Obama having to bail out the free trade economic process in 2008. It didn't work because the missing values and the value of workers and labor being degraded and deflated. This value is a real asset and is a more stable money standard than the money created out of nothing by the Federal Reserves which needs a vast amount of manipulation to grow value.  And you can not grow value by discounting the value of workers and labors. The process defeats itself as it has with Pres Obama in 2008 having to pour trillions of dollars into the economy which was borrowed from the future.  


TPP is not the real problem. The real problem is the free trade economics being something else and not real trade. 

There is no way of justifying the process since Pres Obama only bailed out the economy from the top. He bailed out big money interests. the investment communities, the stock market and stock portfolios, banks and the "too big to fail" corporations. The bail out was really putting free trade economics on artificial life support .  The warning lights keep blinking while the globalist free traders are going for broke with a super trade bill.  Perhaps they are seeking a certain point where the manipulation of money values finally work.  Any one with common sense would bet against it. Free trade remains an economic nightmare with millions suffering through the lost of their jobs and their businesses. Many have lost everything it took a lifetime to accumulate.  Free trade economics is a disease. President Roosevelt said - economic diseases are highly communicable.  Now they are rampant across the globe as world money funds are being manipulated in all sorts ways to keep countries afloat. 


Who said we had to compete like this in a global economy in the first place and who will tell our grandchildren and their children etc. , why we let it happen. 

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Ray's journals foretold the coming our economic crisis years ago based on several experts including Sir James Goldsmith who wrote THE TRAP and Manuel Castells who predicted the coming of the Bewildered New World as it is today. There were others like Chuck Harder, host of For the People who with Dr Pat Choate and well respected journalist J.D. Cash foretold the story in the early 1990s

The core of our economic crisis today can be traced to 1994 when President Clinton pushed the passage of the elder President Bush's free trade program which included NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. They were passed by a Democrat controlled Congress which joined hands with Republicans Rep Newt Gingrich and Senator Bob Dole. Commentators like Rush Limbaugh who had a very large following locked hands with President Clinton in promoting the passage of both NAFTA and GATT. GATT was passed in a Thanksgiving Day vacation lameduck session of Congress after the Contract with America Republicans won the election and were due to take over in January.
Soon after, President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. NAFTA had proved to be a completely failed program with millions of Mexican fleeing their country seeking economic survival in the USA.

This was a sign of things to come. It was the first stimulus package except it went to a foreign country. Later President Bush, the second, initiated his economic stimulus package. When this was being debated in Congress, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that the best way to stimulate the economy was to buy "domestically produced goods."

This obviously came too late and it is still ignored by many globalist free traders as the cause of our economic crisis. Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning out. President Obama followed and bailed out the big money interests who caused the crisis and put them back in charge.

The U.S. has suffered the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history. A working poor class and an underclass now reside in a silent depression and there is no base to support the needs of our society. Many who are still working are homeless or need government assistance to survive as the tax base gets smaller and smaller
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  Religion and Philosophy remains dormant as globalist free traders continue their surge for making money on money instead of making things and using workers as tools in the process to achieve their objectives.
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