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A useful good is not usually a good thing to do

-The American Dream Is Still Burning Away-

Selecting the least of two evils is still not a good thing to do.

The following is my response to conservative journalist you suggests keeping quiet about certain issues to win an election. 

The shortest distance between two points is a straigth line. In your article about adopting a strategy to fit the voter takes a detour in order to gather the most votes to win a political election. This is pragmatism of the worst kind. In my advocacy for workers dignity, local economies and the real free enterprise system I explore the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena.  Jacque Maritain who perhaps is the last great philosopher of our times, suggests God can save the world anyway he wants. He can savethe world in the natural order of things if he wants. He seems to be waiting for us to get our act together in pursuing the ideal life on earth before He intervenes.

I do not think he includes the sophists who hold to useful good. The sophists held if something works it is good. This approach could stir up the dark side of life. 

I worked in several colleges while going to college pursuing degrees in history, geopolitics, philosophy and sociology.  I found a vast void between the factory floors and the college class rooms. Something was missing even though I had some of the greatest philosophy teachers ever.  When I sat with the factory workers at break time, there was a profound sense of unknowing. The workers had a certain common sense of communications starting with this sense of  unknowing.  On the other end, I was sad knowing my great philosophy teachers I had would never be able to communicate with the factory workers.  I experienced all types of people in my life from the highest echelons of management in the corporate world and the business world. However the greatest men in my life turned out to be three factory foremen who served their workers as servant leaders. 

Conservatives have taken on a plantation owner mentality thinking they know what is best for all. Liberalism is about the dumbest thing there is and the workers knew this. However it was the liberals who tried to safeguard their jobs. The conservatives talked about the free market being the best way to go but left workers fend for themselves. And in my long work experience and business experience including being in my own business, I never experienced the free market they talk about.

All the workers wanted was a decent living to support their families. They chose a usefull good but they were more right than the conservatives  in seeking the ideal life on earth. If you want to work from the bottom up you need to listen first and not preach. We should never need the poor to save ourselves. 

I would not vote for person like Huckabee who holds the line of real important issues like the right to life because he is a globalist free trader with a plantation owner mentality. Most of all the conservatives are the same. And how can we have peace if we approve unjust wars. Those on the bottom take the biggest blow in wars. Forget about fiscal responsibility now. That is off the table since President Obama had to bail out free trade economics. We do not even have an objective way to pursue fiscal responsiblity. We are all on the take both conservatives and liberal a greastest ponzi schene  in all of history. Free trade economics is economic insanity. The Plain Dealer editorial board is deeply caught in it too.  Free trade economics comes from the dark side of life and it is all about useful good that smashes the natural order of things in bits and pieces.

When I was a young army officer I was accused of consorting with the enlisted men. I would be insane not to. They were the ones who saved lives and not those who gave the orders. Those on the top were not on "our"  side

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Ray's journals foretold the coming our economic crisis years ago based on several experts including Sir James Goldsmith who wrote THE TRAP and Manuel Castells who predicted the coming of the Bewildered New World as it is today. There were others like Chuck Harder, host of For the People who with Dr Pat Choate and well respected journalist J.D. Cash foretold the story in the early 1990s

The core of our economic crisis today can be traced to 1994 when President Clinton pushed the passage of the elder President Bush's free trade program which included NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. They were passed by a Democrat controlled Congress which joined hands with Republicans Rep Newt Gingrich and Senator Bob Dole. Commentators like Rush Limbaugh who had a very large following locked hands with President Clinton in promoting the passage of both NAFTA and GATT. GATT was passed in a Thanksgiving Day vacation lameduck session of Congress after the Contract with America Republicans won the election and were due to take over in January.
Soon after, President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. NAFTA had proved to be a completely failed program with millions of Mexican fleeing their country seeking economic survival in the USA.

This was a sign of things to come. It was the first stimulus package except it went to a foreign country. Later President Bush, the second, initiated his economic stimulus package. When this was being debated in Congress, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that the best way to stimulate the economy was to buy "domestically produced goods."

This obviously came too late and it is still ignored by many globalist free traders as the cause of our economic crisis. Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning out. President Obama followed and bailed out the big money interests who caused the crisis and put them back in charge.

The U.S. has suffered the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history. A working poor class and an underclass now reside in a silent depression and there is no base to support the needs of our society. Many who are still working are homeless or need government assistance to survive as the tax base gets smaller and smaller
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