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By Ray Tapajna, based on notes from Father McQuade's Notion of Heresy course - ( Due to our present times , we suggest you read 
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This followed our Pelsgianism article.

The next great heresy began in 610 when Mohammed proclaimed he was inspired to form a national religion for all the Arabians. We have been led to believe the religion of Islam is a non-Christian thing and fail to understand it was a Christian heresy.

However, Modhammedanism as a heresy is unique on several counts. Its founder was not a Catholic who rejected traditional doctrine. Mohammed built a new religion, borrowing from Christian and Hebrew sources. Its history is also unique. It has not broken down and distintegrated from within. As a religion, is is as strong today as it ever was. Islam is also unique with every missionary effort to convert the Moslem world has utterly and completely failed.

Hilaire Belloc, said it appears that orthodox Catholicism should have no cause for quarrel but this heresy struck a mortal blow against Catholic tradition fully denying the Incarnation. Mohammed not only denied it but advanced a clear affirmation, full and complete, against the whole doctrine of an incarnate God. He taught that Our Lord was the greatest fo all prophets but still only a prophet- a man like other men.

He eliminated the Trinity altogether. With the denial of the Incarnation the whole sacramental structure was eliminated. He refused to know anthing about the Eucharist or the Real Presence of Our Lord in commuion. He stopped the sacrifice of the Mass and therefore the need for a special priesthood. He founded his religion on simplification.

Mohammedanism was a hugh and immediate success. It was an answer to the needs of that time in history based on the "brotherhood of men" promising to sweep away slavery and debt as well as the imperial systems of taxation. It swept away clerical and imperial discipline and provided the immediate practical advantage of freedom for the slave and the anxiety over debts. It crowned the advantage of free justice under a few simple laws that were easily understood. It was an astonishing Mohammedan social victory.

Mohammedanism used force to spread its doctrines and threathened the very life of Christendom. It caught Christian Europe in a great "pincers movements". One arm of the pincers swept along the north coast of Africa and up through Spain. The other arm reached up from Asia Minor through Hungary. Yet, Christianity stood firm and gradually broke the power of arms. Still, Mohammedanism controls vast regions on the earth.

Until recently, the geopolitical response was to stay out of the Middle East. A 1950 military handbook notes how dangerous it is for western nations to involve themselves in the Middle East. For years, this caution was heeded. We now know what happens when we put aside this caution. History tells us to let the Middle East resolve its own problems.

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